Being part of a white collar environment

The accounting firm Fetterlein is a small firm that specializes in tax law. Besides tax advice we also offer statutory audit, accounting assistance and interim management, and everything that belongs to these categories.

We take pride in providing you with a personalized and professional advisory. We think new, we are innovative and creates sustainable and value-added solutions for you and your business. Therefore you save time and money and can focus on exactly what you do best.

As something new, we have focused on Poland. See more information under the tab “Poland”.

Contact us for an informal meeting where we can tell more about what services we can offer you and your business!

Erhvervspartner mod kræft


Rådgivning i skattesager eller ved etablering af virksomhed? Vi kan hjælpe dig med det hele.

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Vi tilbyder revision af aktie- og anpartsselskaber, regnskabsmæssig assistance samt interim management.

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Har du bolig i udlandet og kender du de skattemæssige konsekvenser og hvad som skal selvangives?

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Har du arbejdet i udlandet eller overvejer du en udstationering? Lad os give dig en god start!

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